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Indiana Jones Mystery Package

We don’t really even know how to start this post. Yesterday we received a package addressed to “Henry Walton Jones, Jr.”. We sort-of shrugged it off and put it in our bin of mail for student workers to sort and deliver to the right faculty member— we get the wrong mail a lot.

Little did we know what we were looking at. When our student mail worker snapped out of his finals-tired haze and realized who Dr. Jones was, we were sort of in luck: this package wasn’t meant for a random professor in the Stat department. It is addressed to “Indiana” Jones.

What we know: The package contained an incredibly detailed replica of “University of Chicago Professor” Abner Ravenwood’s journal from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. It looks only sort of like this one, but almost exactly like this one, so much so that we thought it might have been the one that was for sale on Ebay had we not seen some telling inconsistencies in cover color and “Ex Libris” page (and distinct lack of sword). The book itself is a bit dusty, and the cover is teal fabric with a red velvet spine, with weathered inserts and many postcards/pictures of Marion Ravenwood (and some cool old replica money) included. It’s clear that it is mostly, but not completely handmade, as although the included paper is weathered all of the “handwriting” and calligraphy lacks the telltale pressure marks of actual handwriting. 

What we don’t know: Why this came to us. The package does not actually have real stamps on it— the outside of the package was crinkly and dirty as if it came through the mail, but the stamps themselves are pasted on and look like they have been photocopied. There is no US postage on the package, but we did receive it in a bin of mail, and it is addressed to the physical address of our building, Rosenwald Hall, which has a distinctly different address from any other buildings where it might be appropriate to send it (Haskell Hall or the Oriental Institute Museum). However, although now home to the Econ department and College Admissions, Rosenwald Hall used to be the home to our departments of geology and geography

If you’re an applicant and sent this to us: Why? How? Did you make it? Why so awesome? If you’re a member of the University community and this belongs to you or you’ve gotten one like it before, PLEASE tell us how you acquired it, and whether or not yours came with a description— or if we’re making a big deal out of the fact that you accidentally slipped a gift for a friend in to the inter-university mail system. If you are an Indiana Jones enthusiast and have any idea who may have sent this to us or who made it, let us know that, too. 

We know this sounds like a joke/hoax… it’s not (at least, from our end).  Any hints, ideas, thoughts, or explanations are appreciated. We’ve been completely baffled as to why this was sent to us, in mostly a good way, but it’s clear this is a neat thing that either belongs somewhere else— or belongs in the halls of UChicago admissions history.

Internet: help us out. If you’re on Reddit (we’re not) or any other nerdly social media sites where we might get information about this, feel free to post far and wide and e-mail any answers, clues, ideas, thoughts, or musings to  (yes, we did set up an email account just to deal with this thing). 

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Cinco De Mondo Lucha | – Milwaukee News & weather from WITI Television FOX6 »

Iron Monkey

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Monkey swings on rope and tries to kick man in the back -


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Tom Berenger makes an impassioned speech to the 2011-12 Milwaukee Bucks after trading for Monta Ellis.

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Zachary Abel can’t help himself when it comes to making really cool mathematical sculptures out of everyday objects:

I think about math constantly, and I see and look for math in everything around me. Geometry in particular fascinates me, and I delight in discovering hidden patterns even in the most mundane of objects. By transforming often-overlooked household items into elaborate, mathematical sculptures, I hope to share this sense of excitement, curiosity, and beauty that a mathematical outlook has instilled in me. Maybe I’ll even be able to learn and teach some math along the way.

You can see more examples of his creative compulsion here

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A list of things I forgot this morning in a rush out the door to my first day back at work after a 10-day break

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  • Lunch, which I spent several minutes preparing and packing
  • Coffee-to-go
  • A sweater to wear in my chilly office
  • Gloves and a hat
  • Tea bags
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Annika taking a short walk to get something shiny

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Flatbread pizza night! Carmelized onions and roasted portabellas, one with a “Vodka” sauce, one without; the third is roasted beets and arugula with bacon.

Flatbread pizza night! Carmelized onions and roasted portabellas, one with a “Vodka” sauce, one without; the third is roasted beets and arugula with bacon.

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The newest addition to our family, which will likely outlive all of us.

The newest addition to our family, which will likely outlive all of us.

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